Here are some miscellaneous pictures from my times in Russia.

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Church Ruin All Churches
Church Ruin. Not all churches have been restored, such ruins can be seen here and there. (206k)
World War Ii Monument
World War II monument. (207k)
Selling Tea Road Samovars
Selling tea on the road in samovars. (243k)
Buy Beer Such Street
You can buy beer on such street stands. (238k)
Railroad Crossing Steel Plates
Railroad crossing with steel plates popping up out of the street. (201k)
If Want See Pizza
If you want to see how Pizza Hut is spelled in Russian, here it is. (247k)
Mcdonald's Well
McDonald's is here as well. (1136k)
Kfc Well
KFC is here as well. (612k)
Uber Advertising Local Buses
Uber is advertising on the local buses. (918k)

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