Iceland has a lot of scenic places. The houses in general are very neat and clean. The history goes back a long way. Iceland uses a lot of geothermal energy, it is a very volcanic island.

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The People

Small Settlement Látrabjarg Peninsula
A small settlement on the Látrabjarg peninsula. (575k)
Small Town Reykjalið North
A small town, Reykjalið on the north side of Mývatn. (862k)
Vík í Mýrdal Small
Vík Í Mýrdal, a small village on the south shore of Iceland. Often the churches are set a little separate from the village. (754k)
Seyðisfjörður Picturesque Village East
Seyðisfjörður, a picturesque village in the East Fjords. (504k)
Beautiful Wooden Houses Seyðisfjörður
Many of the beautiful wooden houses in Seyðisfjörður were brought here from Norway in the 19th century. (528k)
Wooden Houses Seyðisfjörður
One of the wooden houses in Seyðisfjörður. (737k)
Characteristic Farmstead Houses Mostly
A characteristic farmstead. Houses are mostly with white walls and brightly colored roofs. (633k)
Farmstead Red Roofs All
This farmstead has red roofs. All the houses in a farm stead are usually painted the same. (506k)
Abandoned Farm Stead
An abandoned farm stead. (817k)
Ruins Former Farm Stead
Ruins of a former farm stead. (572k)
Houses Used Covered Live
Houses used to be covered with live grass sods. (765k)
Particularly Beautiful Grass Covered
This was a particularly beautiful grass covered house. (686k)
Utility Shack Field Partly
This was a utility shack in a field, partly covered with grass. (1231k)
Small Settlement Slightly Separated
A small settlement with the slightly separated church and graveyard. (641k)
Solitary Church Graveyard
A solitary church and graveyard. (496k)
Beautiful Church Seyðisfjörður
The beautiful church in Seyðisfjörður. (604k)
Church Þingvellir
The church in Þingvellir. (660k)
Red-roofed Church
A red-roofed church. (577k)
Nicely Colored Church
Nicely colored church. (742k)
Simply White Colored Church
Simply white colored church. (471k)
Cathedral Hólar
The cathedral in Hólar. (820k)
Church Ingjaldshóll Hellisandur-rif First
The church in Ingjaldshóll, near Hellisandur-Rif, the first concrete church in Iceland. (402k)
Small Church Without Steeple
A small church without steeple. (770k)
Tiny Grass Covered Church
A tiny grass covered church. (665k)
Tiny Church Next Abandoned
A tiny church next to an abandoned farm house in a remove fjord in the East Fjord region. (679k)
Landsmannalauga Small Settlement Hot
Landsmannalauga, a small settlement near some hot springs. (785k)
Smaller Hotels Stayed Very
This is one of the smaller hotels I stayed in, a very pleasant place in Flókalundur, a little village in Vatnsfjörður, on the south coast of the West Fjord area. The car is the Suzuki Jimmy that got me all around Iceland. (759k)
Lighthouse South Shore Quite
A lighthouse on the south shore. There are quite a few lighthouses around Iceland. (442k)
Emergency Hut Emergency Huts
This is an emergency hut. There were emergency huts all over Iceland, mostly on mountain passes. Some of them were quite big, like this one, others were smaller. They have emergency supplies. You can use them in an emergency, but you are supposed to let the authorities know if you do use them, so they can be restocked. (864k)
Small Hydro-electric Power Station
A small hydro-electric power station on the south shore of Iceland. (959k)
Steam Power Plant Kröflustöð
The steam power plant at Kröflustöð, which uses steam from 17 boreholes. (524k)
Only Large Power Stations
Not only large power stations use natural steam. This is a local farm stead using natural steam to heat their houses and provide warm water. In the background a field with the hay "marshmallows". (957k)
Hay Field Farmer Rolling
A hay field where the farmer is rolling up bales of hay and wrapping them in white plastic foil to create these hay "marshmallows". (684k)
Close-up Tractor Mechanism Wrap
Close-up of the tractor with the mechanism to wrap the hay bales. (744k)
Farm Stead Piles Hay
A farm stead with piles of the hay "marshmallows". (637k)
Close-up Few Hay "marshmallows"
Close-up of a few of the hay "marshmallows". (521k)
Fish Farm Little Fishing
A fish farm. The little fishing boat is hooked up to the floating circles that hold the fish or shrimp that are cultivated. (683k)
Fishing Harbor Boats Used
Fishing harbor with boats used for whale watching from Húsavík. (665k)
Whale Watching Boats Húsavík
One of the whale watching boats in Húsavík. (576k)
Fishing Boat Notice Birds
A fishing boat. Notice birds waiting for some scraps. (585k)
Old Fishing Boat Given
This is an old fishing boat, given an honorable place. (631k)
Old Fishing Boat Well
This is an old fishing boat as well with a less than honorable place. (703k)
Remains Old Navy Plane
Remains of an old US Navy plane. This was nowhere near an airport. (759k)
Reminder Ww Ii Seyðisfjörður
Reminder of WW II in Seyðisfjörður. (602k)


Helgafell Holy Mountain Norse
Helgafell, holy mountain of the Norse God Þor (Thor). It was here that the first Þing was held. (485k)
Þingvellir Location Alþing Starting
Þingvellir, the location of the Alþing, starting in 930 CE. The Þingvellier National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (586k)
Death Penalty Drowning Executed
The death penalty by drowning was executed in this water hole next to the location of the Alþing. (754k)


Sunnier Occasions Good Paved
This was one of the sunnier occasions on a good paved road driving up one of the valleys. The valleys all have the characteristic U shape, carved by glaciers. (694k)
Even Good Roads Had
Even the good roads had bad parts. Here the road was washed out and then repaired. (794k)
Warning Signs Very Frequent
These warning signs were very frequent, warning of a ridge where you can't see on-coming traffic. Most drivers drive in the middle of the road, unless there is traffic on-coming. (880k)
Cases Solved Problem Hidden
In some cases they solved this problem of hidden on-coming traffic by putting a sign in the middle of the road, forcibly separating traffic. (537k)
Almost All Bridges Unpaved
Almost all bridges on the unpaved roads are single lane bridges. (1024k)
Tunnels Single Lane Well
The tunnels are single lane as well with passing bays at regular intervals. (348k)
Steepest Road Signed Considerably
This was the steepest road that was signed. I was on considerably steeper tracks where there were now signs in some remote fjord. (638k)
Summits Mountain Passes Often
The summits of mountain passes were often marked with such stone piles. (618k)
Road Interior Track Sand
Road in the interior. It is just a track in the sand. (584k)
Potholes Track People Drive
When there are potholes in the track, people just drive around them, so the track gets ever wider. (520k)
Part Road Interior Time
Another part of a road in the interior, this time more rocks than sand. (701k)
Washboard Surface Road Interior
Washboard surface of a road in the interior. This surface is the worst of all. It is teeth rattling to drive these kinds of roads. (977k)
Rain Filled Potholes Make
Rain filled potholes make driving challenging. You can't see how deep the potholes are, and some of them are very deep, they can give you quite a jolt when you drive through them too fast. (889k)
Lower Lying Parts Road
Lower lying parts of the road generally fill up with water (it rains frequently, in case I hadn't mentioned that  :-)). You need to watch out for what is under the murky surface. (789k)
Sometimes Brooks Run Roads
Sometimes the brooks run down the roads, here on Snæfellsjökull. (745k)
Sometimes Brook Road Or
Sometimes the brook is the road (or vice versa). (827k)
View About River Fords
A view from about at one of the river fords that I drove through. This was an easy one. (875k)
Signs Warn River Fords
These signs warn of river fords that can only be negotiated with 4 wheel drive vehicles. (417k)
This is one of these fords. (811k)
Deeper Ones More Elaborate
The deeper ones have more elaborate warning signs that make it abundantly clear that you better be careful. (541k)
Car Going Though Medium
Another car going though one of the medium deep rivers. (750k)
Deepest River Drove
This was the deepest river I drove through. (973k)
Jimmy After Deepest Ford
Here is my Jimmy after the deepest ford. I had water coming over the hood, hitting the windshield. The water reached the horizontal indentation in the middle of the door. (855k)
Parked 4wd Vehicles Waterfalls
Parked 4WD vehicles at one of the waterfalls. Mine is the dirty one, having been driven all over Iceland. (638k)
Pedestrian Experiences Noteworthy Well
Some of the pedestrian experiences were noteworthy as well. This is a precarious little foot bridge over the river flowing out of Vatnajökull at Kverkfjöll. I am afraid of heights, and negotiating such a flimsy contraption makes me very uncomfortable. (836k)
Footpath Leirhnjúkur Crater Deep
This is the footpath to the Leirhnjúkur crater. It was deep mud, very slippery. (899k)

Tourist Stuff

Bus Load Tourists Way
A bus load of tourists on their way to a glacier. Fortunately it was past the main tourist season, so this was a fairly rare sight. (862k)
White Water Rafting Larger
White water rafting. This was one of the larger boats on a river on the south side. (635k)
Saw Bridge Taking Pictures
When they saw me on the bridge taking pictures, they saluted with their paddles. (583k)
Snowmobiles Vatnajökull
Snowmobiles on Vatnajökull. (1114k)
Snowmobiles Running Track Glacier
Snowmobiles running in the track up the glacier. (1040k)
Pretty Warm Snowmobile Suit
I was pretty warm in the snowmobile suit, gloves and helmet. (1203k)

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