The oldest site on Cyprus is Choirokoitia, a stone age village dating back as far as the 7th millennium BCE.

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Choirokoitia (or Khirokitia) is an archaeological site dating from the Neolithic age. The site is known as one of the most important and best preserved prehistoric sites of the eastern Mediterranean. It was occupied from the 7th until the 4th millennium BCE.

The Neolithic Settlement of Choirokoitia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View Choirokoitia Site
View of the Choirokoitia site. (1237k)
Building Remains Choirokoitia
Building remains in Choirokoitia. (1234k)
Building Remains Choirokoitia
Building remains in Choirokoitia. (1057k)
Recently Excavated Building Remains
Recently excavated building remains in Choirokoitia. (1354k)
Reconstructed Buildings
Reconstructed buildings. (961k)

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