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Che Chem Ha Cave or Chechem Ha Cave is a Mayan Ceremonial Cave, known to be a major tourist destination. It is located 12 km (7 miles) southeast of Benque at the start of the Maya Mountains of Belize.

The Che Chem Ha Cave (Poison Water Cave) entrance is a small hole which leads to the main tunnel (200 m (660 ft) long), this tunnel connects to a large chamber which then connects many other small chambers high up within the cave. This cave contains many ancient Mayan artifacts

This cave contains a main chamber filled with rocks lined up which is believed to have been used for sacred Mayan rituals dating from the middle pre-Classic period (900-300 BCE) to the late classic period (700-850 CE). Also, there are many chambers found high up within the cave which contain many large pottery vessels which may have been used to collect 'pure water' to be used for their rituals.

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Che Chem Ha Cave

Maya Pot Lid
Maya pot with lid. (902k)
Maya Pottery
Maya pottery. (940k)
Maya Pot
Maya pot. (823k)
Maya Pots
Maya pots. (1153k)
Painted Maya Pottery
Painted Maya pottery. (1233k)
Maya Pot Decorated Raised
Maya pot decorated with raised human figure. (947k)
Interior Cave Altar Ceremonies
Interior of the cave with altar for ceremonies. (892k)
Altar Ceremonies
Altar for ceremonies. (830k)
Stalactite Formation
Stalactite formation. (1223k)

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