World Gliding Championships in New Zealand, 1995

Last Update: 3-January-1995

This information was sent to me directly from New Zealand by Bruce Hoult.

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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 16:06:22 +1300 (NZDT)
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Weather Forecast

Situation: A ridge of high pressure lies slow moving over the North
Island and an increasing NW flow is spreading on to the South Island
ahead of a front expected to reach Southland about midnight.

Forecast: Scattered rain developing in the Western ranges late in the
day, fine in the East.

Soaring: Moderate thermals developing but becoming weaker and broken
in the South with thickening mid/high cloud.  Moderate wave tending
srongin the South, especially late in the day.  Winds stronger in the
South and increasing generally varying NW during day.


Standard: Wardels, Garston, Coleridge, Omarama;                  650 Km
15m     : Quailburn, Garston, Omakau, Coleridge, Omarama;        658 Km
Open    : Quailburn, Hawea, Garston, Naseby, Coleridge, Omarama; 683 Km

- (Bruce Hoult at WorldGlide '95)
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