World Gliding Championships, 1995, Bulletin No. 3

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World Gliding Championships - BULLETIN NO 3

January 1

Today was the first practice day. A clear sky greeted pilots as they left the briefing tent, after a 30 minute briefing, most of the time being occupied with a safety lecture from Roger Read, chief safety officer for the New Zealand Gliding Association.

The weather forecast indicated thermals to 10,000 feet with wave conditions likely. Thermal lift around 9 knots and similar for wave later in the afternoon.

Not all pilots launched. Only 40 odd went through the start gate with most cutting corners on the 650 km tasks. As this is posted at least 5 have completed the task.

Story for the day:

Czechia pilot breaks own home record in New Zealand skies

A team pilot for the Czechia world gliding team has broken his own national speed record during the lead-up days to the World Gliding Championships in Omarama.

Current Czech record holder for the 100 km, 300 km and 500 km distances, Milos Dedera, flew a 111.9 kilometre triangle return to Omarama last Sunday at a new record speed of 145 km/h in a time of 50 minutes. Dedera’s former record was 128.20km/h, gained in 1989 at a gliding contest in Lesno, Poland.

Dedera has made two attempts this week to break the 1000 km distance, but bad weather forced him home on the first attempt and, in his second attempt yesterday, January 1, he had to turn back to the Omarama airfield at 700 km after spending 10 hours in the air.

Dedera is three times national Czech gliding champion and this is his fifth world championship event. Unlike many of the international pilots competing in the current world championship, Dedera is familiar with the Mackenzie country airspace, having spent last summer in Omarama, taking part in the dress rehearsal Kiwi Glide contest.

Known for his dedication and perseverance, Dedera never gives up and his 10 hour flight yesterday is typical of his tenacity, according to Czech team manager and national coach Jaroslav Vach.

The Czech team is concentrating on fine-tuning competition skills this week, says Vach, but is also keen to make the most of excellent gliding conditions and to go for gold in breaking personal flight records.

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